At the Small Business Solutions Company we develop and implement customized solutions for client’s most challenging operational issues. We specialize in isolating the root cause of these problems and identifying the most efficient solutions. We do not sell products or services. Rather we are in the business of solving problems. SBSC’s solutions reduce waste; improve efficiencies, performance, and profitability. 

SBSC leads the change management process for our customers. Proper integration ensures the success of our customer’s investment. Our ultimate goal is to develop the client’s success and profitability through methodically planned and executed changes.

Every client can expect their project to progress through four stages of development; problem isolation, solution identification, strategic implementation, and results analysis. The SBSC’s business model borrows heavily from the scientific method. Standardized processes are critical to ensuring predictable and measurable results.  

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Problem Isolation:
By listening to the client and gaining a thorough understanding of their issue, we drill down and identify the root cause. Problem identification allows us to analyze the situation.

Solution Identification:
SBSC begins with the client’s goals. What would a solution look like? What are the measurable targets that we can establish? What criteria must this solution meet to be successful? Questions like these allow us to build a framework around a potential solution. The client must then decide how much time, capital, labor, and other assets they are comfortable investing in the solution.

Strategic Implementation:
Strategic implementation is a methodical approach to the necessary steps and stages required to implement change while minimizing any negative impacts it might have on daily operations. A robust implementation strategy reassures the client of their investment's security.

Results Analysis:
SBSC measures the solution’s performance against the same metrics used to analyze the root problem. If the solution fails to meet the client’s goals, it is necessary to re-evaluate the solution and isolate its performance problems. The four steps are repeated until the customer’s goals become a reality.